Super Cruise Gets Better

The Detroit Free Press reports that new features are coming to GM Super Cruise. Specifically, Super Cruise will now perform lane changes “on demand”, and will negotiate highway interchanges. More significantly, Super Cruise will roll out to the Cadillac Escalade and the Cadillac CT4 and CT5 sedans. Super Cruise is often touted as the closest competitor… Read More »

Zoox For Sale

Zoox For Sale? Zoox, a giant and secretive and fascinating Silicon Valley startup, is allegedly for sale, according to The Information (subscription) and partially confirmed by Zoox itself. Price tag: $3 billion dollars? The company was founded by Stanford PhD and AI wunderkind Jesse Levinson, along with Tim Kentley-Klay, a brash Australian designer. For years Zoox was highly… Read More »

Velodyne Lidar Announces Multi-Year Sales Agreement With GeoSLAM

Velodyne Lidar Sensors Power GeoSLAM Data Capture Solutions May 07, 2020 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time SAN JOSE, Calif.–Velodyne Lidar, Inc. today announced a multi-year sales agreement with GeoSLAM, a global market leader in 3D geospatial technology solutions. GeoSLAM uses Velodyne lidar sensors in its ZEB-HORIZON mobile scanner that provides 3D mapping of indoor, underground and… Read More »

Catching up with the Waymo Via trucking team

There’s a lot happening with Waymo Via trucking these days. Since we kicked off our goods delivery efforts in 2017, our self-driving trucks have been fixtures on freeways across California and Arizona, our technology has become even more advanced, and our trucking team has grown rapidly.  This week, members of our team had the chance… Read More »

Autonomous Vehicle Datasets

In the last couple of days both Audi and Ford have release self-driving datasets. Audi’s dataset — A2D2 — includes multiple sensor modalities, and vehicle bus logs, plus it comes with a highly permissive Creative Commons license. Ford’s dataset includes multiple driving environments, multiple sensor modalities, multiple vehicles, and multiple seasons, on a consistent 66 km route in the Detroit area.… Read More »

Resuming our driving operations in Phoenix

Back in March, we decided to suspend our driving operations in response to COVID-19 to ensure the safety of everyone involved in our services and local communities. Starting this coming Monday, May 11, Arizonans will begin to see some Waymo vehicles back on the road. The first part of our tiered approach to safely resume… Read More »

Luminar Moves To Production with Volvo

My Forbes editor Alan Ohnsman breaks the news that Luminar has signed an agreement to supply Volvo cars with lidar units, starting in 2022. “Soon, your Volvo will be able to drive autonomously on highways when the car determines it is safe to do so,” said Henrik Green, chief technology officer for Volvo Cars. That sounds a… Read More »