Toyota, GM, Nvidia, Bosch and others form new autonomous driving tech consortium

We’re still very much in the collaboration phase of autonomous driving, since it’s looking still quite a ways off from being anything consumers can use on the regular. That means there’s plenty of opportunity for things like the new “Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium” (AVCC) announced today to form. This industry group includes Arm, Bosch, Continental,… Read More » partners with Minnesota Department of Transportation to accelerate adoption of Self-Driving Trucks, a leading provider of self-driving trucking technology, announced a partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), marking the agency’s first partnership with an autonomous trucking company to test on MnDOT’s MnROAD cold-weather pavement testing facility. The partnership will include information sharing between and MnDOT around self-driving truck performance in the toughest winter… Read More »

New Consortium to develop a Common Computing Platform for Autonomous Vehicles

Leading companies from the automotive and computing industries announced a collaborative effort toward making fully self-driving vehicles a reality. The new Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium(AVCC), officially launched at Arm TechCon in San Jose, brings together industry leaders from automotive, automotive supply, semiconductor and computing to serve as the leading organisation for autonomous computing expertise. Together… Read More »

M For Driver Assistance Systems

Marketing Names For Driver Assistance Systems Reilly Brennan, a venture capitalist at Trucks.VC and one of the movers and shakers in the world of autonomous vehicles (seriously, look at that investment portfolio!), has a short post critiquing the naming regulations for advanced driver assistance systems. “We’re probably using [driver assistance systems] the wrong way and… Read More »

Waymo begins mapping streets in Los Angeles

Google parent company Alphabet’s Waymo has exanded operations to Los Angeles, where it’s mapping some of the city’s public streets.Read More Read the original article

DeepRoute raises $50 million to research and develop Autonomous Vehicles

DeepRoute, an international self-driving vehicle startup, announced it has raised $50 million in its pre-Series A funding round to expand the global presence of the company’s autonomous driving solutions. The financing round was led by Fosun RZ Capital, the Beijing-based venture capital arm of Chinese conglomerate Fosun International. Shanghai-based GoldenSand Capital, Yunqi Partners, and Ventech… Read More »

Hyundai CRADLE partners with Netradyne for Autonomous Vehicle development

Hyundai CRADLE, Hyundai Motor Company’s corporate venturing and open innovation business, announced that it is investing in Netradyne, a US based intelligent technology company specialising in fleet safety management software. The partnership supports further development of Level 3+ Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (L3+ ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) features that may launch over the next… Read More »