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6 killer apps for autonomous cars

From the time businesses started buying Apple II computers just to run VisiCalc, the power of the “killer app” has been undeniable. While mostly homogenized app ecosystems and largely browser-based activities like social media have dulled the concept of the killer app outside of console-exclusive video games, autonomous vehicles open a new market where the… Read More »

Lyft is adding Chrysler Pacificas to its AV fleet and opening a new dedicated self-driving test facility

Lyft has another year of building out its autonomous driving program under its belt, and the ride-hailing company has been expanding its testing steadily throughout 2019. The company says that it’s now driving four times more miles on a quarterly basis than it was just six months ago, and has roughly 400 people worldwide dedicated… Read More »

O2 plans rollout 5G connectivity for London-based testbed for self-driving vehicles

O2 has signed an agreement to provide 5G connectivity for the testing of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) in the world’s most advanced urban testbed, the Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL) in London. O2’s 3.4GHz 5G-ready spectrum will enable car manufacturers, self-driving technology companies, start-ups as well as other private and public organisations involved in the… Read More »

RoboSense Wins Award for World’s First MEMS-based Smart LiDAR Sensor for Self-Driving Passenger Vehicles

RoboSense has won the CES 2020 Innovation Award the second year in a row for autonomous vehicle technology. RoboSense won this year’s CES 2020 Innovation Award for the first MEMS-based Smart LiDAR Sensor, the RoboSense RS-LiDAR-M1, winning in the Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology category. The RoboSense award-winning RS-LiDAR-M1 is the world’s first and only… Read More »

Sofar Ocean’s new autonomous surface vehicle makes data collection of coastal and inland waters easy and affordable

Sofar Ocean Technologies, the leading manufacturer of ocean drones and sensors, launches Strider, an autonomous surface vehicle designed to make ocean data collection more accessible. Sofar Strider is designed for operations in coastal, near-shore and inland waters. It combines autonomous navigation, solar power, and a modular design to enable it to operate autonomously or remote-controlled through… Read More »