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Exclusive: A Conversation on Self Driving Vehicles at the EPO with Roberta Romano-Götsch

During our previous interview Ms.Romano-Götsch mentioned that the EPO would be soon releasing a study on self driving vehicles. I expressed interest in speaking with her again once that study was published, and she agreed. Our conversation discussing this EPO study follows. In this wide-ranging conversation we discuss how traditional auto companies and big tech… Read More »

Creating Aisle Access for Autonomous Vehicle Parking

<p id=”p-0001″ num=”0000″>A method includes receiving a request for access associated with a selected one of a plurality of autonomous vehicles in an array that comprises a plurality of columns, wherein the selected autonomous vehicle is in a first one of the columns and blocked by one or more other autonomous vehicles in the first… Read More »


<p id=”p-0001″ num=”0000″>Presented herein are techniques for updating detailed maps used to navigate an autonomous vehicle. The techniques include determining that a vehicle has come within a predetermined range of a road side unit, establishing a communication link with the vehicle, receiving, from the vehicle, data sufficient to identify a vehicle type of the vehicle,… Read More »

Autonomous Self-Driving Vehicle with Advertising Platform

<p id=”p-0001″ num=”0000″>A self-driving vehicle with an external advertising platform, such as video display signage, designed to provide on-demand geolocation video ever-changing advertising. The audiences of such advertisements would include those individuals that were in proximity to the self-driving vehicle as it traversed a geographic area. A large fleet of such self-driving vehicles could constantly… Read More »


An electronically regulated cleaning system (1) which can be adjusted independently of the driver and adaptively to the continuously variable operating conditions, for installation in a vehicle for cleaning at least one transparent element (2) with a fluid cleaning agent, comprising, inter alia: – at least one additive container (7) for storing an additive which… Read More »

Vehicle Route Control

<p id=”p-0001″ num=”0000″>An apparatus includes a processor configured to send detour instructions defining a travel path that avoids a location of the traffic event. The detour instructions may be sent responsive to receiving notification of a traffic event. The processor is further configured to update the detour instructions to alter the travel path based on… Read More »

Intelligent Sensor System for Capturing Advertising Impressions from Autonomous Self-Driving Vehicles with Advertising Platforms

<p id=”p-0001″ num=”0000″>An intelligent sensor system for capturing and analyzing advertising impressions received from self-driving vehicles displaying external advertising platforms, such as video display signage. The advertising impressions would include pedestrian and vehicles in visible range of the external advertising platform on the self-driving vehicle as it traversed a geographic area. A large fleet of… Read More »


<p id=”p-0001″ num=”0000″>An autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicle is provided that is capable of braking itself without a driver depressing the brake pedal. The vehicle has a powertrain that includes an engine, a transmission, and a motor with a connected battery to provide regenerative braking capabilities. Friction brakes are provided to apply when necessary, such as… Read More »