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Values we work by in the Starship Product Team

Product designers are partners in crime with product managers There has been enough written on how to build highly effective product teams. You might have read Marty Cagan’s book (we did too) or dozens of other articles. Even if you follow industry best practices in setting up product teams, you will never build any two teams… Read More »

From Australia to Estonia — Q&A with Lindsay Roberts, Head of Autonomous Driving

From Australia to Estonia — Q&A with Lindsay Roberts, Head of Autonomous Driving Lindsay Roberts has been with Starship from the start — he is the ninth employee of the company. “It was me, my friend Andy, and the Estonian engineers. The first six months were so quiet: the average number of words spoken per day was about seven.” Lindsay… Read More »

“We are doing something that was said to be impossible just a few years ago”

An Interview with Sulo Kallas — Senior Electronics Engineer, Starship Technologies. At the Starship Head Office in Mustamäe, Tallinn, the world’s leading delivery robot is being developed as a solution for the last mile delivery challenge — a six-wheeled robotic vehicle, resembling a small moonwalker. A specialist, at home in both electronics and software, is invited to join the… Read More »

Dodging the data bottleneck — data mesh at Starship

Dodging the data bottleneck — data mesh at Starship A gigabyte of data for a bag of groceries. This is what you get when doing a robotic delivery. That’s a lot of data — especially if you repeat it more than a million times like we have. But the rabbit hole goes deeper. The data are also incredibly diverse: robot sensor… Read More »

Starship Completes One Million Autonomous Deliveries

Starship Completes One Million Autonomous Deliveries Today I’m proud to announce we have reached one million autonomous deliveries, more than 6 years after founding the company in 2014. We believe no other company in the world has completed this many autonomous deliveries — including self-driving taxi rides. We’ve also raised an additional $17m and added service to… Read More »

Running autonomous robots on city streets is very much a software engineering challenge

Autonomous robots out in the wild – a software engineering challenge Starship is bringing autonomous delivery to the world. We are here to solve the last mile delivery problem with fleets of sidewalk delivery robots. Starship was the first company to begin operating autonomous delivery robots in public spaces already in 2017 without safety drivers.… Read More »

Site Reliability Engineering at Starship

Photo by Ben Davis, Instagram slovaceck_ Running autonomous robots on city streets is very much a software engineering challenge. Some of this software runs on the robot itself but a lot of it actually runs in the backend. Things like remote control, path finding, matching robots to customers, fleet health management but also interactions with… Read More »

Starship Technologies: looking ahead to 2021

We set out to build Starship in 2014 with the mission to improve everyday life by revolutionising delivery. Six years later, Covid-19 has radically elevated the importance of this mission, as we’ve moved from offering a convenient service to an essential one. This year has seen demand for contactless delivery grow exponentially around the world. In… Read More »

Starship Technologies is sending its autonomous robots to more cities as demand for contactless delivery rises

Starship Technologies has launched a robot food delivery service in Tempe, Ariz., as part of the autonomous delivery startup’s expansion plans following a $40 million funding round announced last August. Starship Technologies, which was launched in 2014 by Skype co-founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, has been ramping up commercial services in the past year,… Read More »