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Faraday Future selects Velodyne as exclusive Lidar supplier for Flagship FF 91

Velodyne Lidar, Inc. has announced it has been selected by Faraday Future as the exclusive supplier of lidar for Faraday’s flagship FF 91 all-electric vehicle (EV). Velodyne’s solid state Velarray H800 lidar sensors will power the FF 91’s autonomous driving system that aims to deliver a comprehensive suite of highway, urban and parking autonomy features.… Read More »

DeepMap Deep Dive: A Conversation with Ed Niedermeyer

Question: What do these topics have in common? Lyft’s Level 5 and Toyota’s Woven Planet… John Krafcik leaving Waymo… Amazon acquisition of Zoox… Autonowashing… Answer: All of these subjects were covered in a wide-ranging conversion between DeepMappers and Ed Niedermeyer (@Tweetermeyer) this week. Ed is the author of Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors. He has a prolific… Read More »

ZF launches its ‘most advanced’ autonomous emergency braking system for commercial vehicles in China

Automotive systems manufacturer ZF is preparing for volume production of its most advanced autonomous emergency braking assistance system in China. OnGuardMAX will be installed in new truck models by two leading Chinese manufacturers from this year. Sophisticated data integration with state-of-the-art camera and radar sensor helps the system autonomously detect, classify and react on moving… Read More »

Toyota Woven Planet

Toyota’s Woven Planet subsidiary announced this week that it will acquire Lyft’s Level 5 self-driving car team. What is Woven Planet? Woven Planet is the new-ish name for what was formerly Toyota Research Institute — Advanced Development (TRI-AD). Last fall Toyota re-branded TRI-AD as Woven Planet, and attached an $800 million investment fund, called Woven Capital. Woven Planet… Read More »

US automakers outline rules for auto-driving cars after fatal crashes

Proposals come days after two men using Tesla’s Autopilot driver-assist system were killed in a crash near Houston US automakers have outlined principles designed to encourage drivers to pay attention to the road while driving partially automated vehicles as political scrutiny of the technology intensifies following a series of fatal crashes. The proposals, published yesterday… Read More »

Perceiving with Confidence: How AI Improves Radar Perception for Autonomous Vehicles

Editor’s note: This is the latest post in our NVIDIA DRIVE Labs series, which takes an engineering-focused look at individual autonomous vehicle challenges and how NVIDIA DRIVE addresses them. Catch up on all of our automotive posts, here. Autonomous vehicles don’t just need to detect the moving traffic that surrounds them — they must also… Read More »