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From Australia to Estonia — Q&A with Lindsay Roberts, Head of Autonomous Driving

From Australia to Estonia — Q&A with Lindsay Roberts, Head of Autonomous Driving Lindsay Roberts has been with Starship from the start — he is the ninth employee of the company. “It was me, my friend Andy, and the Estonian engineers. The first six months were so quiet: the average number of words spoken per day was about seven.” Lindsay… Read More »

“We are doing something that was said to be impossible just a few years ago”

An Interview with Sulo Kallas — Senior Electronics Engineer, Starship Technologies. At the Starship Head Office in Mustamäe, Tallinn, the world’s leading delivery robot is being developed as a solution for the last mile delivery challenge — a six-wheeled robotic vehicle, resembling a small moonwalker. A specialist, at home in both electronics and software, is invited to join the… Read More »

May Mobility Launches Point-To-Point Ridesharing

May Mobility announced that it is advancing its transit program in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to an on-demand phase. Customers will be able to hail May Mobility SUVs at “more than 20” pick-up points in a 1.36 square mile area of downtown. I have mostly associated May with low-speed shuttles services for public transit. Covid-19 has… Read More »

How Far Should a LiDAR “See”?

How Far Should LiDAR “See”? Recently, the race to present a long detection range system in the automotive LiDAR industry has heated up. Velodyne boasted the detection ranges of a 10% reflective target from 50m achieved by the veteran HDL-64E to 265m by the recent Alpha Prime. At the same time, Luminar is promising to detect 10%… Read More »

Innoviz Technologies teams up with EDOM Technology to quicken business development

Innoviz Technologies, a top provider of high-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software, and EDOM Technology, a prominent electronics distributor based in Taiwan, announced a partnership to drive sales and enhance support initiatives for Innoviz’s LiDAR solutions in the Greater China region. EDOM Technology will influence its relationships with major manufacturers as well as its large staff of sales… Read More »

Comma Three

Comma just wrapped up Comma Con, it’s developer and customer conference, in San Diego, no less 🙂 The big announcement is the Comma Three, a $2199 aftermarket product that provides high-level lane keeping and cruise control to a wide variety of vehicles. I purchased the original Comma several years ago and tried it out on a… Read More »