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SAE International launches 12-week robotics for autonomous vehicle systems training ‘Bootcamp’

Virtual 12-week experience provides career development opportunities for engineers entering the fast-growing autonomous vehicles industry SAE International has announced the new 12-week Robotics for Autonomous Vehicle Systems Bootcamp for recent graduates and/or entry-level mechanical, electrical and computer science engineers joining the industry to support autonomous vehicle (AV) system development. In partnership with Clemson University and… Read More »

Two Bolts With Super Cruise

I’m really excited about this summer’s upcoming lineup of 2022 Chevy Bolts. There will actually be two models: the EV and the EUV. Both will feature GM Super Cruise, an advanced driver assistance system that reviewers claim is on par with Tesla AutoPilot. The 2022 EUV will launch first, starting at $34,000, although the price… Read More »

Velodyne and Ansys team up to transform autonomous vehicle safety

Velodyne and Ansys are developing software models of next-generation automotive lidar sensors to provide substantially improved hazard identification capabilities for highly advanced AVs. The collaboration incorporates Velodyne’s lidar design into Ansys’ virtual sensor suite and expedites automakers’ integration of Velodyne’s sensor into AVs — delivering industry-leading driving safety and a drastically faster path to market. One of the… Read More »

Gatik Stays Independent

Gatik Punches Above Its Weight Gatik, a middle-mile self-driving truck company, last week announced a partnership with Isuzu to build self-driving medium-duty trucks. The press release states that the trucks will be deployed this year, which would be no small feat, given the lead times required for automotive production. What impresses me most about this deal… Read More »

Chinese autonomous vehicle startup WeRide scores permit to test driverless cars in San Jose

WeRide, the Chinese autonomous vehicle startup that recently raised $310 million, has received a permit to test driverless vehicles on public roads in San Jose, California. WeRide is the seventh company, following AutoX, Baidu, Cruise, Nuro Waymo and Zoox, to receive a driverless testing permit. In the early days of autonomous vehicle development, testing permits… Read More »

Insight LiDAR – gesture recognition for autonomous vehicles

Insight LiDAR unveils gesture recognition LiDAR for autonomous vehicles Colorado-based autonomous vehicle technology firm, Insight LiDAR has reportedly announced that its product, ‘Insight 1600’, has become the first LiDAR with integrated superior resolution and velocity detection that allows pedestrian gesture recognition. The latest offering could be used by autonomous vehicles (AV) perception teams to accurately… Read More »

Why I Ride with Waymo: Barb

Editor’s Note: In 2017, Waymo joined forces with a diverse group of organizations to create Let’s Talk Autonomous Driving — the world’s first public education campaign to increase education and understanding around autonomous driving technology. In this Why I Ride with Waymo, we’ll hear from Barb Hoffman, who is a former executive director of our… Read More »

New Energy Vehicles Power Up with NVIDIA DRIVE

The electric vehicle revolution is about to reach the next level. Leading startups and EV brands have all announced plans to deliver intelligent vehicles to the mass market beginning in 2022. And these new, clean-energy fleets will achieve AI capabilities for greater safety and efficiency with the high-performance compute of NVIDIA DRIVE. The car industry… Read More »