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Mobileye Expands Into Driverless Delivery With UDelv and Donlen

Mobileye and UDelv recently announced a partnership to create driverless last-mile delivery vehicles. When I first read the headlines, I thought this might be Mobileye’s first foray into fully driverless vehicles. Mobileye has for years been the leader in advanced driver assistance systems for cars, but has not yet released a driverless vehicle. The TechCrunch… Read More »

Navya and REE Automotive have signed an agreement to develop a level 4 autonomous system including REE corner technology and Navya self-driving solutions

Navya, a leading company in autonomous driving systems and REE Automotive (“REE”), an innovator in e-Mobility, announce that they have signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of a level 4 autonomous system including REE corner technology and Navya self-driving solutions. REE is revolutionizing the e-Mobility industry through its highly modular and disruptive REEcorner… Read More »

Trimble and HORSCH partner to deliver autonomy solutions to the agriculture market

HORSCH and Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) has announced a collaboration focused on developing solutions that enable autonomy in agriculture with the goal of building a future for autonomous machines and workflows in the industry. The collaboration extends beyond autonomously controlling machines, such as the self-propelled crop protection sprayers, to full workflow automation from the office to… Read More »

Argo’s Safety Report

Argo is an especially communicative AV company. CEO Brian Salesky hosts the No Parking podcast with journalist-turned-Argo-executive Alex Roy. They also publish Ground Truth, a high-quality online magazine that dives into the details of autonomy. Particularly to Argo’s credit, they pair this communication with an absence of hype. Argo’s recently-released Safety Report is of a piece… Read More »

Volvo Cars teams up with world’s leading mobility technology platform DiDi for self-driving test fleet

Volvo Cars, a global leader in automotive safety, and DiDi Autonomous Driving, the self-driving technology arm of Didi Chuxing, the world’s leading mobility technology platform, have signed a strategic collaboration agreement on autonomous vehicles for DiDi’s self-driving test fleet. Volvo Cars will provide DiDi with XC90 cars equipped with necessary backup systems for functions such… Read More »

Ford’s Mother Of All Road Trips

My friends and former colleagues at Ford have been running behind Tesla and GM on advanced-driver assistance systems. While Tesla AutoPilot and GM Super Cruise have been in market for years (albeit on a limited number of vehicles, in GM’s case) Ford’s ADAS offering, Co-Pilot 360, only made it to market in the last year… Read More »

SICK launches compact 2D vision camera with deep learning onboard

SICK is launching its first vision camera with a pre-installed Deep Learning app onboard to make it simple to create custom quality inspections of complex or irregular-shaped goods, packaging and assemblies, especially where they may have previously defied automation using traditional systems.  The SICK Intelligent Inspection Deep Learning App runs on SICK’s newly launched Inspector… Read More »

Toyota and Apex to accelerate development of computing platform for autonomous vehicles

Apex.AI, an automotive software company, is partnering with Toyota’s Woven Planet Group to help the company create a production-ready autonomy stack for Arene, Toyota’s vehicle development platform to enable modern software development tools and best practices in the automotive industry.  Toyota’s Woven Planet is using Apex.OS, an easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) for automotive and… Read More »