Companies in Hexagon’s portfolio to sponsor the Indy Autonomous Challenge

By | August 31, 2020

Two companies in Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning brand portfolio, AutonomouStuff and NovAtel, have announced their support for the Indy Autonomous Challenge. They will provide $1.5M university prize for the competition to program modified Dallara IL-15 race cars and compete in the world’s first autonomous head-to-head race at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The university teams will race their autonomous vehicles at speeds up to 200 mph to advance autonomous vehicle technology and safety.

AutonomouStuff will donate services and equipment to support their mission to enable, accelerate and deploy the future of mobility. NovAtel joins AutonomouStuff in donating precise positioning systems and autonomy systems integration for all race cars participating within the challenge. AutonomouStuff is also assisting students from Clemson University’s Deep Orange-12 as they design and retrofit the Dallara IL-15 racer. Engineers from AutonomouStuff and NovAtel are going to be on the bottom providing technical support as teams led by 500+ students go head-to-head on the world’s largest racing stage.

Lee Baldwin, director of off-road autonomy at Hexagon AutonomouStuff said that they did not want to pass up the opportunity to assist the Indy Autonomous Challenge and be a part of this historic endeavor. They are thrilled to lend their skills to the Clemson design team, as well as donating high-precision GNSS systems and SMARTNET GPS correction subscriptions to all race teams. AutonomouStuff and NovAtel are looking forward to figure together to bring the autonomy systems on all of the racecars and to participate within the race at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway in October of 2021.

Matt Peak, managing director of Energy Systems Network, a primary organizer of the IAC said that the students competing in the IAC are attempting to develop answers to incredibly complex problems. The industry expertise and top-of-the-line technology from AutonomouStuff and NovAtel are invaluable tools to help their teams along the way.

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