LG Innotek exhibits new ‘C-V2X Module’ based on LTE

By | November 14, 2018

LG Innotek announced that it has developed “C-V2X (Cellular-Vehicle To Everything) module” based on LTE cellular communication.

C-V2X stands for “Cellular-Vehicle To Everything,” referring to the system that shares information such as driving conditions among the car, mobile device, and road infrastructure, using cellular communication technology. ‘C-V2X module’ is a core component of the communication function.

C-V2X technology is expected to overcome the limitation of self-driving cars that recognise the environment by relying on automotive sensors like camera and radar. It is possible to recognise blind spots or unexpected situations through communication with other vehicles and road infrastructures.

Using LG Innotek’s C-V2X module, which applies the latest communication chip set and international technical standards, eliminates the need to separately purchase hundreds of related parts or design complicated communication circuit from scratch.

The company used “Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X” for its communication chip set that functions as the brain for the C-V2X module because it is considered the most advanced among the communication chip sets. Even though C-V2X is an unprecedented piece of technology that is difficult to modularise, LG Innotek was able to succeed by utilising its own circuit design technology and automotive components business knowhow.

Also, LG Innotek has allowed various manufacturers to use this module regardless of the region or type of car by adhering to the international technical standards. The module is in accordance with the LTE-based C-V2X direct communication (PC5) standards set by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) last March.

The company is putting an emphasis on targeting the market for the next generation car communication components such as C-V2X. Such focus is based on the judgment that communication components will be at the center of determining performance and safety of futuregeneration cars like the self-driving cars.

In fact, LG Innotek is actively engaged in developing V2X communication platforms with numerous global companies in Europe, North America, and Asia.

The company official said, “The development of the mobile communication technology such as LTE and 5G networks will bring attention to C-V2X; and LG Innotek plans to proactively drive the automotive communication technology forward as it is an innovative product.”

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