iDriverplus Selects Ouster Lidar for Autonomous Robotics Platform

By | May 14, 2020

Ouster, Inc. announced a partnership with Chinese robotics leader iDriverplus for autonomous cleaning and sanitation robots used to safely sanitize and disinfect potentially contaminated sidewalks and public areas.

In February, after China entered into a state of emergency due to COVID-19, iDriverplus and Ouster partnered to outfit a fleet of robots with OS1-64 lidar sensors to help contain the virus. The unmanned cleaning and disinfection vehicles were equipped with OS1-64 lidar sensors on the top and the front of the vehicle, providing higher resolution 360-degree 3D environmental monitoring and more accurate front obstacle recognition than was possible with legacy 16-channel analog lidar sensors.

“Leaders in unmanned robotics, like iDriverplus, are adopting high-resolution Ouster lidar sensors due to significant performance improvements enabled by these sensors. Robots can see and identify objects at greater distances, allowing them to move faster and more safely. We’re very excited for the future of our partnership with iDriverplus,” said Ouster CEO, Angus Pacala.

The team at iDriverplus emphasized the high reliability of Ouster’s sensors, made possible by their patented digital lidar design. “We’ve been very impressed with the reliability of Ouster lidar sensors and the efficiency of the unmanned vehicles enabled by their high resolution,” said iDriverplus.

The companies deployed the system in just 45 days, thanks to iDriverplus’s robotics expertise, Ouster’s easy software and hardware integration process, and 24/7 support from Ouster’s worldwide applications engineering teams.

Ouster entered the Chinese market officially in 2019 with the opening of regional offices and a local support and sales team in Suzhou and Hong Kong. Although other American lidar companies have exited the competitive Chinese market, Ouster’s high-performance digital lidar sensors, high reliability, and aggressive prices have allowed it to thrive among local and international competitors. The company also has patents in the Chinese market.

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