Foresight Autonomous Holdings and FLIR join hands for QuadSight vision system

By | April 7, 2020

Foresight Autonomous Holdings Limited , the company that deals in automotive vision system, has announced an agreement with FLIR Systems Inc, that specialises in designing and production of components, imaging sensors and thermal imaging cameras.

As per the agreement, both companies will come up with a strategic plan for marketing and distribution of Foresight’s QuadSight® vision system, along with FLIR Systems’ infrared cameras, to prospective customers. Foresight will buy its thermal cameras from FLIR for all systems to be commercialised across the globe.

Haim Siboni, CEO of Foresight while speaking to businesswire, said, “We are seeing a clear and growing global demand for our technology,” said

 “This collaboration agreement will offer us the ability to work directly with OEMs and open new opportunities for our technology. FLIR Systems’ established technology, market position, and reputation will serve to advance the QuadSight system throughout the world,” he added further.

The company will also participate in “Thermal by FLIR” programme, that supports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and product innovators who use FLIR thermal imaging sensors

Foresight will include FLIR brand on its products as a part of the programm . Among partners of “Thermal By FLIR” partners are Bullitt Group, Panasonic, Blackview and other multinational firms.

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