Bumpy ride ahead for HD Maps

By | April 3, 2020
Sravan Puttagunta

HD Maps are fast-gaining popularity in a lot of industrial sectors: railways, pipeline, power transmission projects as well as municipal asset management. However, the fluid definition of HD Maps in the market remains a challenge. Certain providers produce highway-only, basic lane features and claim they have a large coverage of HD Maps, while others provide additional features but do not have the absolute accuracy required to meet the safety standards of autonomous vehicles. There is a need to educate customers on the varying definitions of HD maps.

Another obstacle for an HD mapping and localization company is that major tech companies (Waymo, Cruise, Aurora, etc) are doing mapping and localization in-house, shrinking the current addressable market size.

One of the biggest roadblocks for mapping scalability from R&D to production is the need to have a quality control for the map. Innovation around scalable, even crowdsourced models of quality control, will be necessary, no matter how much automation is added to the map generation process. Map format standardization is also the need of the hour.

Civil Maps’ strengths are currently focused on urban HD mapping and localization whereas the traditional mapping companies have expertise in highway HD mapping and large sales and marketing resources.

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