A map coloring book for kids at home

By | March 23, 2020
A map coloring book for kids at home
One page out of the printable coloring book by Mapbox.

For all parents who are forced to work and stay at home with their (extended) families during the COVID-19 epidemic, Mapbox created a printable map coloring book for kids at home.

Many of us are working from home right now. With schools closed, Mapbox compiled a printable coloring book to help parents and kids explore the world from their couch or kitchen table. Of course, this mapping company spends a lot of time thinking about how to style roads, land, water, terrain, and points of interest. Now the map styling is up to your kids’ imagination. And whatever art supplies they will have on hand.

Mapbox’s favorite places

The Mapbox team submitted locations to color and learn about. From their own offices to their hometowns to interesting geographies in the world, these are maps of some of the team’s favorite places in the world.

A map coloring book for kids at home

Hand colored cover and page 8 of ‘Exploring From Home’. book by Mapbox.

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Make more pages

It’s also possible to add new maps to this map coloring book for kids at home. If children and parents have zoomed through the coloring book, they can log in and add a map style. They should follow a couple of steps to make their own high resolution 8.5” x 11” map prints for coloring. Users can print up to 8000 x 8000. Mapbox hopes that this coloring book is a fun activity. It is. We can all do this with our kids. Or, it ‘helps them go wild through the Amazon of their imagination (and not your living room) while you’re on that video call’.

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