Data analytics offer new opportunities

By | March 18, 2020
Patrick Sheehan, CEO, GZA

The convergence of automation, AI, and IoT has ushered in new areas of capability and efficiency, unveiling opportunities for problem-solving and services. This has provided a wealth of new data sources, not previously available, often in real-time, that provide valuable information to support decisions and increase the ability to respond to changing conditions. Automated data collection and geospatial technology has assumed a central role in the execution of projects, technical proficiency and the delivery of traditional services. These expanded capabilities have resulted in the emergence of wholly new service offerings that have bolstered many client relationships.

Within our instrumentation monitoring practice, we can monitor data changes in real-time and integrate them with complex engineering analysis models to assess whether actions are needed. Just five years ago, the technology to do this effectively and efficiently didn’t exist.

Real-time relaying

Real-time data streams consumed into big data stores for real-time analytics and decision processes require a pervasive communications protocol and infrastructure with broad coverage to support it. 5G will provide a conduit, and this will change the way organizations store, manage, access and utilize data.

For engineering and design firms more accustomed to static file storage and retrieval, this will require a change in philosophy, data governance, and systems integration and a more comprehensive mobility strategy to fully enable the workforce and allow for more efficient and compressed real-time data collection and workflows. This also provides opportunities for better QA/QC processes, information sharing, and oversight.

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