AutonomouStuff selects Qumulo to deliver Autonomous Vehicle solutions

By | March 17, 2020

Qumulo, the leader in enterprise-proven hybrid cloud file storage, announced that it has partnered with AutonomouStuff, a leading provider of autonomy-enabling technologies, to bring advanced storage solutions to customers who are revolutionising advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle research and development. AutonomouStuff will integrate and resell Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage worldwide.

With the Qumulo integration, AutonomouStuff allows organisations to simplify how they manage and utilise large data sets as they move out of the vehicle into the data centre and across private and public clouds. Qumulo will enable AutonomousStuff to send large volumes of file data directly to research, development and operational applications – all without requiring complex tiering or specialised storage networks.

Autonomous vehicle research spans many modes of transport, including automobiles, trucks, trains and golf carts, and generates vast volumes of sensor in-vehicle data. To manage autonomy data ingest, tracking, management and analysis, researchers need a complete solution that delivers simplified data and file management, high-performance analytics and shared access, with the ability to leverage existing networks.

“ADAS and autonomous vehicle research presents data dilemmas at an unprecedented scale, so it’s critical we bring the right storage solution into a project at inception,” said Bobby Hambrick, Founder and CEO, AutonomouStuff. “Integrating Qumulo’s modern hybrid file software into our offering allows us to provide the simplicity of a single, easy-to-manage solution that also provides a path to the cloud and cloud-based applications.”

ADAS and autonomous vehicle research require file storage on a massive scale. Qumulo’s hybrid file software is designed to store up to exabytes of data, whether the workflows are housed on-prem or in cloud environments. Qumulo’s hybrid file software scales easily as data volumes grow, and provides real-time visibility into the storage system, down to the file level and within a single namespace, giving users seamless visibility and fine-grain control of their data. Qumulo also offers an array of storage platforms, including all-NVMe, flash-accelerated hybrid storage, active archive, hybrid cloud or cloud-native in both AWS and GCP.

“Modern Autonomy and IoT systems generate enormous amounts of data that needs a platform with simplicity and performance to shorten development cycles to market,” said Michael Cornwell, CTO of Qumulo. “Qumulo’s hybrid file software brings a fast, easy to use solution for solving the challenges of sensor data management for large-scale ADAS and IoT workflows from the vehicle to private and public clouds. We are excited to partner with AutonomouStuff, a recognised leader in this space, and to accelerate research and development bringing autonomous systems to all aspects of our lives.”

AutonomouStuff provides leading R&D platforms, products, software and engineering services to aid in the advancement of robotics and autonomy. AutonomouStuff’s customers value the convenience of finding the most cutting-edge modular-based automation software solutions, engineering services, perception, computing, GPS and interface components in one location. With offices in the US, China and Europe, the company provides solutions for automated driving to thousands of customers worldwide.

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