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By | October 5, 2018

<p id=”p-0001″ num=”0000″>There is four major part of this invention, the name vehicle represent train, air plane, bike, bicycle, and wheel cart attachment unit. Again the invention have two vehicle types, the farm assembled vehicle is one and personal assembled vehicle is 2, the patent also describe the third major part of the invention as the assembled farm hoe technology, the invention also discussed the assemble of arm or arms technology. Lastly the invention discussed and illustrated the use renewable energy technology</p>
<p id=”p-0002″ num=”0000″>The major parts mention seek to improve food productions with applied technology, improve speed of food production using mobile vehicle, apply the power of metal aluminum, rubber, plastic, etc.</p>
<p id=”p-0003″ num=”0000″>The result is a better farm hoes technology, a better arm or arms technology, a better farm vehicles, a better personal vehicles. The technology promote autonomous farming, autonomous hoes, autonomous arm, or arms and autonomous personal vehicle.</p>
<p id=”p-0004″ num=”0000″>The whole system use clean renewable energy, the clean energy make the vehicle affordable to the farmers, and make food affordable to consumers. Promote commerce.</p>

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