M For Driver Assistance Systems

By | October 8, 2019

Marketing Names For Driver Assistance Systems

Reilly Brennan, a venture capitalist at Trucks.VC and one of the movers and shakers in the world of autonomous vehicles (seriously, look at that investment portfolio!), has a short post critiquing the naming regulations for advanced driver assistance systems.

“We’re probably using [driver assistance systems] the wrong way and I believe a significant contributor to that problem is the branding and marketing of these systems.”

In particular, Reilly points out that USDA food labeling standards are much more stringent than labeling standards for driver assistance systems, which don’t even really exist.

“But if you want to brand your car’s systems as Auto-magic-pilot-drive-yourself, there is little today that the US Department of Transportation or Federal Trade Commission will do to prevent you.”

He doesn’t quite prescribe a solution, but calls for “equal attention” between food labeling and vehicle systems, particularly because vehicle systems can kill other people on the road besides just the customer of the system.

I’m genuinely uncertain how to handle this myself, and the post is worth a read and a ponder.

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