Ride Along with Drive.ai’s Self-Driving Car in Texas At Dawn

By | May 16, 2018

Last week, Drive.ai announced that we will be launching an on-demand self-driving car service in Frisco, Texas later this year in July. While our service will initially launch with safety drivers, we are excited to share today a new video demonstrating the technical capabilities of our self-driving system to operate without a driver behind the wheel. In this uncut video, one of our cars drives through private and public roads, encountering many of the real-world scenarios that they will see on our initial route.

The video also features an augmented reality visualization in the bottom right corner, showcasing how our perception system uses sensor data to accurately identify objects such as cars, pedestrians, and cyclists — all at different distances and speeds. Using this data, we are able to plan our course (visualized as a “red carpet”) in a safe manner while maximizing rider comfort.

We are excited to bring our self-driving technology to Texas and we look forward to sharing more details with you as we get closer to launch!

A couple of highlights from the video:

  • 0:37 As the car proceeds to drive on public roads by crossing a 6-lane intersection, our system looks both ways for a long distance to understand what is happening and how to proceed.
  • 1:19 Cyclist does a double-take on seeing no one in the driver’s seat, yet still offers a friendly wave!
  • 1:53 We encounter a roundabout — this often requires the car to negotiate traffic merging from multiple points.
  • 3:11 Low-angle sunlight can make it difficult to see. Our system fuses the inputs from multiple sensors to ensure accurate detection and tracking.

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