Voyage Selects Renovo AWare as the Platform for its Global Automated Vehicle Fleet

By | June 19, 2018

AWare Providing a Safe and Secure Platform that Voyage Uses to Deploy its Automated Driving System and 3rd Party Applications and Services

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. (June 19, 2018) — Voyage, a leading startup in the autonomous taxi space, today announced it has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Renovo, a mobility technology company, to license Renovo’s AWare OS for use across their global fleet of automated vehicles. Initial AWare deployments will take place this year in Voyage’s existing commercial community deployments in The Villages in Central Florida and The Villages in San Jose, CA. These deployments will feature Voyage’s custom automated driving system (ADS) running on Renovo’s AWare OS.

The selection of Renovo’s technology by Voyage was based on the production-readiness of AWare, Renovo’s proven integration with automotive safety systems, and an open ecosystem approach. The first fleet of Voyage vehicles using AWare are Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans with additional models to be added in future.

Voyage is a leader in serving communities with autonomous vehicles and is focused on expanding their reach while continuously improving their autonomous capabilities. Rather than adopting a capital-intensive and risky vertical approach, Voyage is leveraging a strong and growing ecosystem of companies developing key components of the autonomous mobility stack — using AWare as the primary technology to bring these components together on a single platform. AWare provides the low-level OS layer on which Voyage’s community-optimized Automated Driving System runs as well as third party technology and services. Several Voyage partners (including HD mapping standout CARMERA and leading LIDAR producer Velodyne) are already part of the AWare ecosystem, illustrating the reduced cost and time-to-market benefits of the AWare partnership.

Renovo built AWare specifically for fleet operators like Voyage. AWare enables a wide range of technologies to operate in a safe, secure, and scalable manner and supports the commercial deployment of fleets made up of highly automated (SAE Level 4) vehicles. AWare has the necessary performance to run today’s most demanding Automated Driving Systems as well as the safety and security features required for automotive validation. AWare is a trusted layer in functionally safe architectures and features multiple computational domains including low-level safety controllers. In addition to the ADS, AWare provides a reliable runtime for all other vehicle applications including teleoperation, mapping, fleet management, and data services. AWare works with any application, any sensor, and any vehicle allowing Voyage the freedom to innovate and expand their offerings while leveraging a growing ecosystem of third party technologies and services.

“We selected AWare after exhaustively looking at the alternatives — including building in-house — and are excited to partner a company that really understands the challenge of automotive-grade platform software. Renovo is helping us roll out new vehicle platforms and enabling us to focus on our automated driving system technology, customer-facing applications, and overall service delivery” said Voyage co-founder and CEO Oliver Cameron. He added, “Voyage was founded with the knowledge that scale in our industry will come from collaboration, and Renovo is a critical partner in this strategy. Their vision of ‘the Autonet’ — an open and scalable approach to transportation — aligns with our own thesis of why vertical models will struggle against the power of collaboration. Companies like Voyage and Renovo working together in areas where they excel will help reshape mobility.”

Safety is of the utmost importance to both Voyage and Renovo. The companies are working together to raise the bar on safety through a number of efforts. Voyage has already demonstrated their commitment to safe systems through their Open Autonomous Safety initiative, and Renovo has joined this initiative and will contribute to the open-source library of information that is helping the entire industry improve safety. Renovo has a history of building full-vehicle safety systems and has a long-running partnership with Stanford University focused on research into advanced vehicle control strategies. Together Voyage and Renovo will continue to contribute to and advocate for more open and effective practices and standards for safety in commercial deployments of highly automated vehicles.

“Voyage is a critical strategic customer for Renovo, and we are delighted to help ensure their success as they scale their community services on a global basis. Their selection of AWare validates our focus on safety, security, and scale in everything we do” said Christopher Heiser, co-founder and CEO of Renovo. “The Voyage team is visionary in their approach, is focused on an incredibly important market, and has demonstrated safety-focused technology that runs on roads today. We are incredibly excited to help enable and be part of their voyage.”

The AWare ecosystem includes a growing list of leading companies in the automated mobility sector including Samsung, Verizon, Velodyne, CARMERA, Parsons, INRIX, Argus Cyber Security, Metamoto, and Affectiva.

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