AWare Ecosystem Partner INRIX Launches AV Road Rules Platform

By | July 17, 2018

Renovo AWare ecosystem partner, INRIX, today announced a new platform that provides the foundation for cities and road authorities to communicate with operators for safe and effective deployment of Highly Automated Vehicles (HAVs) on public roads. INRIX AV Road Rules is the first platform that enables cities and road authorities to assign, validate and manage traffic rules and restrictions for autonomous vehicles operating on public roads. The platform also leverages HAV’s data from roads to report infrastructure improvement needs, making the roads safer for all users.

Renovo is one of the launch partners of the INRIX AV Road Rules platform providing interoperability for Renovo AWare based HAVs. Other automaker and HAV operator launch partners include nuTonomy (an Aptiv company), Jaguar Land Rover and May Mobility. The initial set of pilot users includes cities and road authorities with a variety of sizes, climates and geographies: Bellevue, WA; Boston, MA; Austin, TX; Portland, ME; Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada which includes Las Vegas; Transport for West Midlands and Transport Scotland in the UK.

INRIX AV Road Rules Interface

For more than a century, road authorities have communicated driving restrictions with terrestrial signage and lane-striping. While HAVs have greatly improved the ability to operate in complex traffic environments, street signs and lane stripes are an inexact way to communicate rules to a 21st century computer controlled vehicle. Currently onboard sensors, computer vision, machine learning and/or third-party datasets are used to triage roadway guidelines, but this approach is imprecise, costly (resources and dollars) and increases the risk of rule violations. INRIX AV Road Rules enables cities and road authorities to quickly and easily digitize local restrictions such as speed limits, crosswalks, school zones and stop signs, allowing automakers and HAV operators to ensure vehicles comply with local guidelines. The platform also creates a channel to communicate road infrastructure needs from HAVs back to transportation agencies, which improves safety and performance for all road users.

How INRIX AV Road Rules Works

“Automated vehicles are coming to public roads, which puts us at a critical juncture to ensure they are safe, efficient, and can effectively navigate complex traffic environments,” said Avery Ash, INRIX Head of Autonomous Mobility. “For more than a decade, INRIX has worked with public agencies and vehicle operators around the world to manage and improve transportation. INRIX AV Road Rules lays the groundwork for a 21st century global smart transportation network, which includes the safe operation of highly automated vehicles.”

For more than 10 years, INRIX has been working with public agencies and vehicle operators around the world to manage and improve transportation for human driven vehicles. INRIX is leading the charge to ensure HAVs are safely integrated into the world’s road networks, providing the tools and analysis needed to improve and validate their safety and performance.

Last year Renovo and INRIX announced a partnership to bring advanced HAV Analytics and OpenCar to the Renovo AWare Ecosystem

More on INRIX AV Road Rules

To learn more, register for a webinar “INRIX AV Road Rules: Guidelines for Deploying HAVs” on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 10am PT / 1pm ET

Road authorities and operators can sign-up to be considered to join the list of supporting partners when the AV Road Rules platform expands new markets later this year.

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Media enquiries about INRIX AV Road Rules to Mark Burfeind (+1–425–284–3825 |

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