aiPod and Renovo Announce Strategic Alliance to Rapidly Accelerate Deployments of Automated…

By | July 30, 2018

aiPod and Renovo Announce Strategic Alliance to Rapidly Accelerate Deployments of Automated Mobility Systems Globally

aiPod Selects Renovo’s AWare™ OS for Automated Mobility Deployments Beginning with London Pilot

Renovo AWare powered vehicles with aiPod branding. Source: Renovo

CAMPBELL, Calif. and PASADENA, Calif., July 30, 2018 — aiPod, the developer of a city-integrated Mobility-as-a-Service platform, today announced a strategic alliance with Renovo, a mobility software technology company, that will rapidly accelerate the deployments of self-driving urban mobility systems around the world. The alliance includes aiPod’s selection of Renovo’s AWare OS as the preferred technology platform for its city-integrated, automated mobility deployments. The partnership will begin immediately.

aiPod’s mission is to bring fleets of automated vehicles onto public streets in partnership with major cities. The new alliance will help achieve that mission by integrating Renovo’s AWare technology into aiPod vehicles enabling them to be controlled by an automated driving system and run other applications. The first implementation will be in the introductory pilot of Mobility-as-a-Service being conducted by aiPod in London beginning in early 2019.

aiPod and Renovo enable cities to prepare for the near-term future in which the roads and sidewalks are increasingly used by competing mobility providers. Cities are especially eager for integrated mobility solutions that address the congestion and traffic safety problems on their doorsteps. aiPod is developing its platform, of which Renovo’s technology will now become a part, and has started to introduce it in selected cities globally.

“The alliance with Renovo is significant because it will enable us to access the AWare ecosystem of compatible vehicles, components, and services,” said Erik Antonsson, co-founder and CEO, aiPod. “Importantly, working with Renovo will also enable us to scale rapidly, in particular as we ramp up the London pilot, and we’re excited to begin the partnership.”

“aiPod is an innovative company at the forefront of city integration and mobility management,” said Chris Heiser, CEO, Renovo. “We’re delighted aiPod has selected AWare as its preferred global production platform. Our technology enables automated mobility fleet operators and integrators like aiPod to select the optimum combination of vehicle, automated driving system, software and services.”

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About aiPod
aiPod designs and builds systems that enable smart cities to manage the impact of rapidly approaching waves of innovation in sensors and computational technologies and their interaction with rapidly evolving mobility-focused business models. aiPod’s vision of building urban mobility traffic control systems for AVs was recently rewarded with a funding award from the UK Government Center for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles to lead a consortium project entitled SHIFT. The consortium will help cities transition from individually-owned automobiles to Integrated Mobility-as-a-Service enabled by autonomous vehicles. The consortium project will design, develop and demonstrate an integrated autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service pilot in London to inform the design of an autonomous pod. aiPod’s partners in the SHIFT consortium include: Transport for London (TfL), Gordon Murray Design, the Centre for Transport Studies at Imperial College London, Innogy Innovation UK, Oxbotica, and Bosch Smart Cities. To learn more about aiPod, please visit

About Renovo
Renovo builds AWare, an Operating System for Automated Mobility. AWare merges software, data analytics, and automotive-grade safety systems into a unified platform that enables a growing range of technologies and services to be combined in Automated Mobility fleet deployments. Renovo is accelerating the commercial realization of Automated Mobility at scale by enabling AWare compatible technologies and services across the widest range of vehicles, fleets, and the cloud. Renovo combines Silicon Valley agility with proven automotive capabilities with a singular commitment to transform the way people and things move. For more information visit:

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