Hello Autonomy Academy!

By | May 18, 2019

Despite the progress made by different players heavily invested in making autonomous cars a reality, we are still in the wee hours of this revolution. Much of the technical knowhow about AVs is still not out there in the open, although open source projects like Apollo and Autoware have mushroomed. Even with all this traction there is a lot more that needs to be shared and written about the technical nuances of Autonomous Vehicles.

We at the FifthLevel see this as a great opportunity – an opportunity to unravel and democratize this knowledge. We began this journey by focusing on curating AV related news, patents and research. We are now moving on to the challenge of distilling and structuring the technical knowledge about the Autonomous Vehicle technology stack. Of course, with the intent of making this information freely accessible. Wish us Bon Voyage and stay tuned!

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