A truck without a cab and driver takes to the road in Sweden

By | May 16, 2019

Sweden: T-Pod, an autonomous truck is being tested on public roads in Sweden, mingling with traffic to deliver goods around the industrial zone.

Made by Swedish start-up Einride, operations for the truck began from a short stretch in Jönköping. A major transport hiub in the heart of Scandinavia. 

According to a report in CNN, this is for the first time a fully self-driving truck without any backup driver has been allowed on a public road. The trial is due to run until the end of 2020.

The fully autonomous truck can be managed distantly by an operator who can take control if necessary. Other companies who tested their autonomous trucks completed their tests run with a driver inside to take control of the vehicle. The 26-tonne truck is equipped with cameras, radars, 3D sensors, thus, giving it a 360 degree view if its surroundings.  

The autonomous driving platform is made by NVIDIA with systems connected via 5G network. The truck has an overall range of 200 kms or 124 miles.

The top speed of the truck is 85 km/hr but during the trial run it is allowed to drive at 5 km/hr according to Swedish Transport Agency. 

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