Ridecell partners with Dataspeed to make autonomous vehicles safer

By | May 2, 2019

Ridecell Inc., the leading platform for shared and autonomous mobility operators, and Dataspeed Inc., a globally established drive-by-wire solution provider, announced a strategic partnership to enhance autonomous vehicle (AV) safety. The companies will begin leveraging each other’s technology and testing new technologies in real world conditions to improve vehicle safety.

“Dataspeed is a leading provider of drive-by-wire control systems, with hundreds of vehicle installations worldwide,” said Aarjav Trivedi, CEO of Ridecell. “With our new strategic partner, Ridecell will begin comprehensive data collection of Dataspeed metrics from our Auro self-driving vehicles, which were licensed in 2018 by the state of California for on-road testing. AV safety is our top priority, and our combined efforts will help improve safety for all drive-by-wire AVs.”

The deep integration of proven autonomous technology from Auro, the self-driving division of Ridecell, with Dataspeed’s highly engineered drive-by-wire vehicle controls will improve AV data collection, data logging and analytics. These enhanced analytics will generate valuable feedback to further develop advanced drive-by-wire control offerings. Rich data logging will also verify and document AV safety and performance, enabling third parties to thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness of the combined system in real-world on-road environments.

“Ridecell has distinguished knowledge and expertise in the shared mobility market. Their extensive research on the road will provide extremely valuable data for Dataspeed, which will accelerate new product development,” explained Paul Fleck, Dataspeed Inc. Founder & CEO. “This partnership aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and will support continued growth for autonomous vehicles in the mobility-as-a-service industry.”

Ridecell is committed to sharing AV operational data with third parties to enhance public safety. The company’s AVs employ a deeply collaborative platform that securely shares sensor data, real-time statistics, operational insights, and R&D tools.

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