Expanding Our Reach in the Lone Star State: Drive.ai is Coming to Arlington, TX

By | August 22, 2018

Earlier this summer, we announced our first ever self-driving pilot program available to the public in Frisco, Texas. We launched the service weeks ago, and we’ve been lucky to have received a warm welcome in Texas. Now we are excited to announce that we’re deepening our roots in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The City of Arlington signed a contract initiating a one-year self-driving program for Arlington residents, visitors, and anyone who’s interested in taking a ride in one of Drive.ai’s self-driving vehicles.

Come On In, We’re Open

From the start, Drive.ai’s approach to succeeding in the self-driving market has been through highly collaborative public and private partnerships with cities, businesses, and OEMs. We’ve been encouraged by the progress and reception following our first deployment with Frisco, and are looking forward to building on that momentum in the coming months.

Our partnership with the City of Arlington represents another important milestone: this program marks our first revenue. We’re officially “open for business,” — now with two publicly-available self-driving services in U.S. cities — and we will continue to look for ways to solve the real-world transportation challenges facing communities today.

New City, New Solutions

At Drive.ai, one of our fundamental philosophies is that we aren’t making technology for technology’s sake. We’re here to solve communities’ mobility challenges, and every community is different; that means that we tailor each deployment of our technology to meet the unique needs of the community we are servicing. No two places are exactly the same, and our partnerships and our programs aren’t, either.

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in this country, with a diverse community and rapid development. Our first deployment, in Frisco, is a blueprint for what self-driving programs can look like in today’s world. This program with Arlington is yet another step forward for public self-driving programs, and it demonstrates how self-driving technology is reshaping the way we all think about and experience transportation. We believe that self-driving cars can and will make a difference by improving the lives of those who use them and those who share the roads with them.

Deep Collaboration for Continued Success

Thanks to close coordination with our partners, we’ve been able to design self-driving programs in Frisco and Arlington that can improve transportation through innovation. We look forward to working with the City of Arlington and serving the local community and visitors that will use the self-driving program.

This is an exciting moment for our team as we continue to grow and improve our technology. We continue to seek new locations and challenges where our self-driving programs can make a real difference, and are thrilled that Arlington is the next place where we can have that kind of impact.

For partnership and pilot program inquiries, please contact: partnerships@drive.ai.

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