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By | October 19, 2018

A Look at Our Second Self-Driving Service on Public Roads, and What’s to Come

All aboard! We’re live in Arlington

Less than two months ago, we announced our second self-driving program on public roads: an on-demand ride-hailing service in the City of Arlington, Texas. Today, that program is live. is deploying a fleet of self-driving vehicles in Arlington’s downtown district, available for use by the city’s 400,000+ residents as well as visitors to the area.

Our goal — as a company and with this program in Arlington — is to use self-driving technology to create truly impactful mobility solutions. We have been able to scale quickly due to our advanced deep-learning based technology, our people-centric approach, and by working closely with local governments and partners to identify and solve for real transit needs within their communities. This program in Arlington is our second self-driving service to go live in four months, following a successful launch in Frisco, TX in July.

Tackling transportation issues one ride at a time

Arlington is currently the 50th most populous city in the country, and growing rapidly. Home to the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers, Arlington also welcomes about 14 million visitors each year and brings 100,000 people through Arlington’s Entertainment District on Cowboys and Rangers game days. The City of Arlington chose to solve their unique mobility needs that entail providing on-demand transportation within a specific area.

Our self-driving vehicles will run on-demand between fixed pick-up and drop-off locations. Rides can be hailed by using one of the kiosks located throughout the service area, or by downloading the app. We’re operating along multiple routes to service football games, baseball games, and conventions, as well as Arlington’s Entertainment District and nearby offices, restaurants and amenities. Now people can use our self-driving service to catch a game downtown or go grab lunch with colleagues — at no cost.

Building off our blueprint

At, we believe three key elements will be the foundation of advancing self-driving programs and scaling them in new cities and use-cases. First, we leverage deep-learning technology which allows us to scale quickly. We can adapt to a range of geographies and vehicles, meaning we’re nimble and can rapidly ramp up with new partners. Second, we have a people-centric approach which prioritizes a safe, smooth experience for riders, pedestrians, and other drivers. An example of this can be seen in our innovative external communication panels. Finally, we are committed to working closely with regional and local governments to deploy self-driving programs that are safe and scalable.

With this blueprint for impactful transportation services, we will continue expanding and implementing self-driving programs that are tailored to the transportation needs of different communities and environments.

Looking ahead, we foresee the demand for convenient transit solutions proliferating substantially, both across rapidly growing urban centers, and areas that cannot be served by traditional public transit options. We remain convinced that self-driving vehicles will be a key part of city infrastructure, and that, by increasing mobility, can make significant contributions to benefit these connected communities.

So, what now? is rapidly growing. We will continue to focus on these three core elements while seeking out new cities and partners with which we can deploy additional self-driving programs. We are committed to bringing tech-forward mobility solutions to more people. We started in Frisco, TX, and now we’re excited to begin service in Arlington, TX — and we will continue to launch new programs. We remain committed to building smarter, safer self-driving technology and working closely with partners to change the way the world moves, for the better.

If you’re interested in bringing self-driving vehicles to your community, let us know. Reach out to us at, and follow us at @driveai_.

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