By | September 1, 2018

The present invention proposes a variable pitch multi nut fastener and unfastener for simultaneous removal or assembly of any type of vehicle wheel nuts of variable nut alignment. In specific, the device comprises of a planetary gear system centrally disposed within the main body, in correspondence to plurality of first transmitting members for transmission of rotational driving force imparted to the driving shaft of the drive gear, thereby rotating the spanners attached to each third transmitting member to facilitate simultaneous assembly or disassembly of wheel nuts of a vehicle. The device is further provided with a pitch adjustable mechanism to vary the distance of the attached spanners according to the nut arrangement of the vehicle wheel nuts by attaching a plain faced gear to drive shaft in corresponding with one of the transmitting member and causing the casing of the device to move over the threading shaft facilitating the movement of spanners towards or away in parallel to the planetary gear system. The device is economic with simple moving components, conforming to any type of vehicle wheel with a variable pitch adjustment according the type of wheel pitch.

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