By | September 8, 2018

FIELD: aviation.
SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to a method for automatically landing an aircraft on a runway, data processing device and landing support system. To automatically land an aircraft from the point of return to the point of landing in the phase of reverse navigation, the aircraft from the return point in the direction of the course deviation indicator, determine the place of the aircraft at a predetermined point on the same line as the indicator, conduct an aircraft along a predetermined trajectory from the capture point to a predetermined approach point; during the landing phase, an aircraft from the approach point approaches the landing point to the runway. Data processing device contains an altimeter on board the aircraft, a course deviation indicator located at the ground station, the system for ensuring automatic landing of the aircraft contains an altimeter, a course deviation indicator, a data processing device.
EFFECT: reliable autonomous direction of the aircraft, such as an unmanned vehicle, from a remote return point to the runway, such as an airport runway or a more uneven strip, and the landing of an aircraft on this band, despite the inaccessibility of a satellite positioning system or GNSS.
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