By | September 8, 2018

The present invention flexibly determines a starting route in which autonomous travel is started. The present invention is provided with: a route generation unit that generates scheduled travel routes K1, K2 including a plurality of work routes K1 in which a work vehicle is caused to travel autonomously; a control unit that is able to cause a work vehicle 1 to travel autonomously along the scheduled travel routes K1, K2; an information acquisition unit that acquires position information and azimuth information of the work vehicle 1; and a specification unit that specifies an autonomous travel candidate route K3, in which the work vehicle 1 is able to start autonomous travel, prior to when the work vehicle 1 starts autonomous travel. The specification unit sets a candidate specification area P on the basis of the position information and the azimuth information of the work vehicle 1, and is able to specify, as the autonomous travel candidate route K3, the work route K1, included in a candidate specification area P3, of the plurality of work routes K1.

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