Windshield stone impact response

By | September 13, 2018

Method of identifying and responding to a stone impact (14,Fig.1) on a vehicle 10 windshield 15. The vehicle windshield includes an integral pressure sensor (17,fig.2), used to identify a stone impact against the windshield 62. Responsive to identifying the stone impact, the method identifies any large truck located within a predetermined radius of the vehicle 72,74. Further, responsive to identifying a large truck, the vehicle is directed to make an evasive manoeuver to avoid further stone impacts 76. The manoeuver may consist of increasing a distance between the vehicle and detected truck, or passing/overtaking the detected truck. Washer fluid may be sprayed onto the windscreen while overtaking the truck 71. A stone impact report may be issued to occupants, or to other vehicles, alerting them to the risk 58. The alert may only be issued following multiple detected stone impacts, identifying the risk location. This information may be used to re-direct vehicles 60. When used with autonomous self-drive vehicles, vehicle may park out of direct sunlight following identification of stone impact, with vehicle parking in a secure location if window is no longer intact 66. Emergency services may be informed of possible injuries following sensed impact. Also claimed is vehicle for carrying out method.

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