Celebrating International Women’s Day @ Waymo

By | March 8, 2019

By: Akasha Chamberlain, Program Manager, Rider Support

Today, I joined hundreds of women from Waymo to celebrate International Women’s Day. Waymo is recognizing women and their contributions throughout Women’s History Month with a variety of events and surprises. We asked individuals across our organization — both women and allies — to wear white in honor of suffragettes who paved the path for us.

Just a few of our Women of Waymo members

We gathered together during lunch to highlight women in our company and reflect upon the importance of International Women’s Day. We also honored one another by writing down why International Women’s Day is so important to us individually, which we then posted around our Mountain View campus.

Women have shaped so many key technological developments throughout history. We’re proud the same is true at Waymo, where women are key engineering, design, and business leaders on our team as we bring autonomous vehicles to the world. One example: in the United States, 12% of inventors are women; in California, it’s slightly higher at 14%; and, here at Waymo, 17% of our inventors are women. We’re proud of this significant contribution to our tech, our products, and our team, and we also recognize we still have a lot of work to do. We’ll continue to draw inspiration from women visionaries throughout history as we bring to life our own innovations at Waymo.

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