By | September 14, 2018

The present invention generates a connecting route that corresponds with the shape of a non-work area. The present invention comprises a route generation unit that generates a travel route for autonomous travel by a work vehicle in a work region and a non-work region, and a direction setting unit for setting the direction of travel of the work vehicle in the work region. The route generation unit generates a route comprising a plurality of work routes P1, P2 in which autonomous work is carried out by a work vehicle in the work region, and a plurality of connecting routes Q which are travel routes whereby a work vehicle performs autonomous travel in the non-work region and which connect the work routes P1 and P2. The route generation unit can generate, as the connecting route Q, a route comprising a first turning route Q1, a second turning route Q3, and a straight-ahead route Q2 that is set between the first turning route Q1 and second turning route Q3, and can generate the straight-ahead route Q2 so that the direction of travel and the straight-ahead route Q2 will not be perpendicular to one another.

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