By | September 14, 2018

<p id=”p-0001″ num=”0000″>Disclosed is a system for automatically navigating a vehicle, which system comprises:
<ul id=”ul0001″ list-style=”none”> <li id=”ul0001-0001″ num=”0000″>a data storage containing one or more maps of one or more areas;</li> <li id=”ul0001-0002″ num=”0000″>electronic interfaces for: (i) receiving data relating to the one or more areas from external data sources; (ii) receiving parameters relating to motion of the vehicle from physical sensors; and (iii) receiving a location of the vehicle from a positioning device;</li> <li id=”ul0001-0003″ num=”0000″>a navigation processor comprising processing circuitry adapted to determine an initial optimal route for traversing the vehicle from a given point in the one or more areas to another point in the one or more areas by computationally resolving a constrained minimization problem.</li>

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