By | September 14, 2018

<p id=”p-0001″ num=”0000″>An example computer-implemented method for natural language mission planning includes: responsive to receiving a request to initiate mission planning for a selected mission type from a plurality of mission types, constructing, by a processing system, a mission narrative that describes a mission intent based on the selected mission type, the mission narrative comprising a plurality of fields; populating, by the processing system, the plurality of fields in the mission narrative from an autonomous mission manager based on the selected mission type with options to be selected by a mission planner; responsive to presenting the populated plurality of fields to the mission planner, filling, by the processing system, the mission narrative with the received selected options; creating, by the processing system, an optimized mission plan based on the mission narrative; and controlling, by the processing system, a vehicle based on the optimized mission plan.</p>

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