Autonomous Vehicle Re-Tasking During Performance of a Programmed Task based on Detection of a Task Interruption Scenario

By | September 14, 2018

<p id=”p-0001″ num=”0000″>An example autonomous vehicle includes a communication interface for receiving instructions to perform a first task in an environment using a first strategy, sensors for detecting conditions in the environment to carry out the first task, data storage storing a plurality of task interruption scenarios each having an associated priority setting, and a processor for executing instructions for autonomous decision-making to perform functions. The functions include during performance of the first task, identifying that the conditions in the environment are associated with one of the plurality of task interruption scenarios, determining that the identified task interruption scenario is associated with a second task that has a higher priority setting than the first task, determining an asset needed to perform the second task, and based on the autonomous vehicle having the asset, autonomously (i) stopping performance of the first task and (ii) changing to perform the second task.</p>

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