MIT AgeLab's Bryan Reimer wins Autos2050 award

By | January 17, 2018

Bryan Reimer, an AgeLab research scientist and the associate director of the New England University Transportation Center, has been selected to receive an inaugural Autos2050 Driving Innovation Award for his work with vehicle automation. 

The award is given jointly by the Auto Alliance and the Alliance for Transportation Innovation to leaders shaping the future of auto-mobility.

Reimer’s work with the Advanced Vehicle Technology Consortium has focused on providing a data-driven understanding of how people engage with vehicle automation, using advanced computer-vision software and big-data analytics. The consortium has already gathered data from 78 drivers, 7,146 participant days, and 275,589 miles of travel.

This year’s winners include CEOs, governors, and members of Congress. 

“These winners were chosen for making game-changing contributions to the automotive industry over the past year, and they will be honored at the first Autos2050SM conference and Driving Innovation Awards Dinner,” says Paul Brubaker, the president and CEO of the Alliance for Transportation Innovation.

The awards will be conferred at a reception in Washington on Jan. 24.  

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