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By | February 22, 2019

By: Daphne De Jong, Technical Program Manager

WoW delegation @ Watermark

At Waymo, we’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive team and ensure that the products and experiences we design are impactful for all of our customers. I’m proud to be a member of one of our employee resource groups, Women of Waymo (WoW), a group of over 100 women and allies focused on creating an aware and inclusive Waymo for all.

This week, we led a delegation of WoW representatives to The Watermark Conference for Women in San Jose, California, where we heard from inspirational leaders, networked with talented women from across industries, and explored high-impact ways to inclusively drive our businesses forward.

We recently launched a self-driving ride hailing service, Waymo One, for riders in Metro Phoenix. Many of our customers are experiencing self-driving vehicles for the first time through our service and, in addition to safety of course, we feel a sense of responsibility to consider equity, diversity, and inclusion as we design our product.

For example, we launched our early rider program in 2017 with a diverse group of customers from veteran commuters, to busy parents with small children. Our early riders help us understand how people — including senior citizens, high school students, families with young children, people living with disabilities, and those who do not have a driver’s license — use our service. Our riders provide feedback that helps ensure a comfortable experience for everyone.

Watermark was a tremendous opportunity for our team of engineers, product managers, and business leaders to learn how other companies are designing products and building teams driven by equity, diversity and inclusion, as well as to share our own experiences. As our team and business continue to grow, we’re committed to representing the diversity of our colleagues and customers in our workplace and in our products.

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