Haldex has initiated a concept phase with brake solutions for autonomous vehicles

By | February 21, 2019

US: In close dialogue with a world-leading manufacturer of trucks, Haldex has been selected to start a concept phase where Haldex’s solution “Scalable Brake System” will be evaluated, which is expected to lead to a development contract at the end of the year.

Haldex presented its future projects on connected, autonomous and electrified vehicles, “Scalable Brake System”, in the spring of 2018. Subsequently, a number of customer dialogues have been initiated where one of them has now resulted in Haldex being selected for a concept phase, with the goal of signing a development contract at end of the year. A development contract means that the manufacturer and Haldex in close collaboration will develop a solution that is expected to go into production 4-5 years later.

“We have worked closely with the customer during the fall and have conducted a number of tests where our test results have been far better than the other solutions presented. We therefore, with confidence, look forward to prove this under the concept phase that is now initiated,”, says Åke Bengtsson, President and CEO of Haldex. “We are very happy for the breakthrough this cooperation entails. It is proof that our technology is innovative and that our solutions are world-leading.”

“Scalable brake systems” stand out against other solutions in the market by:

  • advanced vehicle dynamics where Haldex uses sensors and algorithms to get the tractor and trailer to brake and follow the desired direction in an optimal way,
  • open and integrable interface with the vehicle manufacturer’s VMM (vehicle motion management), where the vehicle manufacturer maintains control of the VMM and at the same time gets access to all vehicle data,
  • a system that works with both pneumatic brake systems and electrified brake systems,
  • and an architecture that is modular and scalable.

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