Presenting’s First Open House!

By | November 15, 2017

On September 14, 2017, hosted an Engineering Open House. This was our first time hosting an event of this kind, and it was a smashing success! We’re thrilled to share a recap and can’t wait for our next Engineering Open House.

We had initially gotten the idea to do an open house upon realizing that we’re part of an industry that tends to be very secretive. One of our company values is transparency — we strongly believe in being as honest and transparent as possible at all levels of our organization, and wanted to share this value externally by offering people a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes at a self driving company.

We had stations set up throughout the evening, ranging from hardware and platform to perception and planning, staffed by several members of our engineering team (kudos to you all!). Attendees rotated between each station to learn specifics from the project teams we have in place.

Brody Huval, one of our co-founders, showcasing one of our internal visualization products to a captivated audience.

The evening wasn’t just about the technical lectures — we wanted an ambience where people could relax after the long workday, enjoy themselves, and maybe even get a little silly. One of the most popular stations was the photobooth, which we set up in the parking lot with one of our demo vehicles. As you can see, people really enjoyed themselves (and the taco hats!).

Photobooth was a blast!

No event is complete without good food, so we also enjoyed empanadas, chicken skewers, and baklava — not to mention a beer and wine bar.

Attendees enjoying appetizers throughout the evening

While we initially anticipated around 100 attendees,, there was an overwhelming turnout the night of, and we reached capacity very quickly. Apologies to anyone that we had to turn away at the door — your interest is greatly appreciated, and we will do our best to get you in next time! And thanks to our operations team for reorganizing the space to accommodate everyone.

Great furniture re-arrangement in our All Hands area to accommodate 100+ people over the course of the evening.

As an additional perk for our open house guests, we announced that anyone who applied for one of our open roles would automatically be entered into a contest to win a free autonomous demo ride.

Stay tuned to hear who wins a ride in one of our autonomous vehicles!

Beyond our guests, we had many of our own employees at the open house. Our team put in time to volunteer at stations, talk to guests, and take care of things behind the scenes to ensure the event went smoothly. As per usual, the team went above and beyond to support their colleagues ( and a big thanks to our office team for providing everyone with brand new gear the day before the event!).

Team was excited to show off their brand new swag!

Welcoming attendees to!

As our first event, the focus of the evening was providing a high level overview of our product. Future events will dive deeper into the different components of our technology, so stay tuned!

Until next time, thanks from the entire team!

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