Metamoto partners with AutonomouStuff to expand advanced automated vehicle simulation technology

By | February 6, 2019

Metamoto, Inc., a provider of cloud-based automated vehicle (AV) simulation solutions, announced that it has partnered with AutonomouStuff, a leader in advancing robotics and autonomy systems, to expand access to Metamoto’s AV simulation platform, Simulation as a Service.

AutonomouStuff will offer subscription service packages of Simulation as a Service to its customers, bringing Metamoto’s technology to OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and sensor manufacturers that would benefit from a means to train, test, debug and validate automated vehicles and technology safely in the virtual world before it hits public roads.

Metamoto’s Simulation as a Service is cloud-based, massively scalable and available now to any stakeholder in the mobility ecosystem. Metamoto’s offering is designed to easily integrate into existing software development processes and is significantly faster than legacy simulation tools. By partnering with AutonomouStuff, Metamoto gains access to a wider network and customer pipeline to boost sales and marketing efforts while helping others achieve autonomy.

“Partnering with AutonomouStuff brings our cloud-based simulation solution, including our unrivaled cloud-based test and validation tools, to those in the mobility ecosystem who would benefit from it the most,” said Chad Partridge, CEO of Metamoto. “AutonomouStuff’s established relationships and global presence provide Metamoto with an invaluable sales channel as we continue to grow our business and enhance our offering. In addition, this partnership furthers our shared goal of enabling the future of autonomy.”

AutonomouStuff is a one-stop-shop for companies in the market for a self-driving car – it purchases all of the necessary components through its hardware and software partners, and it assembles AVs for customers. Metamoto will be creating virtual replicas (vehicle simulation models) of the self-driving cars that AutonomouStuff customers can purchase and including them in the Simulation as a Service platform. This will allow AutonomouStuff customers to test their vehicles in simulation without physically altering their AV for testing purposes in the real world, as well as compare test results from virtual and real world scenarios.

“Simulation is a key technology to enable safe and reliable development and deployment of automated vehicles,” said Bobby Hambrick, founder and CEO of AutonomouStuff. “Metamoto is reinventing the way simulation product solutions are used for automated technology testing and we are excited to extend the benefits of its offering to our customers. The path to autonomy is complex and we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the most cutting-edge software, hardware and data intelligence solutions in the industry to help make our customers successful. This collaboration will provide our customers, and anyone with AV simulation needs, a significant edge in the race to autonomy.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Metamoto’s recent partnership with VectorZero, which enhanced Metamoto’s Simulation as a Service offering by allowing users to create virtual scenes at speeds of up to 10 times faster than previous methods and focus testing on the most critical situations, scenarios and edge cases.

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