By | September 27, 2018

A pile-free parking management system and method. The system comprises an information manager (1), a locking sensor (3), a vehicle lock (4), and at least one group of parking sensing units (2), the parking sensing units (2) consisting of a pair of sensors (8) and sensing objects (9). The sensors (8) and the sensing objects (9) are respectively arranged on any one of a vehicle or the ground, the parking sensing units (2) supply parking sensing information (7) to the information manager (1), the locking sensor (3) supplies locking information (5) to the information manager (1), and the information manager (1) is arranged on a ground machine station or the vehicle, and manages a parking state. A vehicle renting station is not provided with vehicle locking piles any more, thereby greatly saving space; and by arranging more than one parking sensing unit (2), implementation of orderly and tidily arranging bicycles returned in the vehicle renting station by autonomous parking of a user under an unattended situation is realized, operating cost is effectively reduced, labor cost input is reduced, and the attractiveness of the city appearance is increased.

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