By | September 28, 2018

The present invention relates to a system for cooling a vehicle electric component, the system comprising: a compressor for compressing a refrigerant; a condenser connected to the compressor so as to condense the refrigerant supplied from the compressor (100), and formed in the shape of encompassing the outer periphery of the compressor; an expansion means connected to the condenser so as to expand the refrigerant supplied from the condenser; an evaporator connected to the expansion means and the compressor and formed so as to exchange heat with the refrigerant supplied from the expansion means, evaporate the same, and then allow the refrigerant to flow into the compressor; and a blower fan disposed at the opened one side or other side of the condenser, and enabling electric components such as various sensors and a computer of an autonomous vehicle to be effectively cooled by using a vapor compression system and enabling sufficient cooling performance to be ensured.

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