Great Wall Motors look to integrate Mobileye’s L0-L2+ self-driving solutions

By | January 8, 2019

Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors is exploring strategic collaboration with Mobileye . Through this deal, GWM hopes to integrate Mobileye’s solutions into its vehicles. Starting with L0-L2+ within the next three to five years, the companies are also exploring opportunities for Mobileye’s Level 3 products.

The word comes CES 2019 where Intel-owned Mobileye has a big presence alongside a large number of automotive technology companies.

GWM’s domestic market offers unique challenges for self-driving technology. Mobileye’s L0-L2 feature set focuses on driver safety and includes forward-collision warning, automatic emergency breaking and lane assist. Its L2+ is a bit more complex and features driver assist features that utilize Mobileye’s road mapping data, adaptive cruise control.

Initially the auto maker plans to build-in L0-L2+ technologies within domestic vehicles in the next three to five years. Eventually, though, GWM sees building some of the systems into vehicles headed for international markets.

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