By | October 4, 2018

The present invention discloses a micro air vehicle for autonomous agricultural pollination, which includes a robot body, an intelligent control part, an intelligent sensor part, a battery, a pollination device and a launcher. The robot body includes a body part and a flapping-wing mechanism. The intelligent control part is mounted on a left side of the body part, the intelligent sensor part is mounted on an upper side of the body part, the intelligent control part performs data collection and communication, the battery is mounted on a right side of the body part, the pollination device is connected to a lower side of the body part, and the launcher is mounted in a middle position of the body part. The present invention is more efficient in an automatic process, reducing an operating cost at the same time, being advantageous for propelling agricultural intellectualization, and the present invention can provide a higher efficiency and a better pollination quality and improve an agricultural productivity.

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