Project Gold Rush: DeepMap’s California Interstate HD Map

By | January 26, 2021

DeepMap has created a highly-detailed map of the California interstate highway system for autonomous cars and trucks (Level 2+ to Level 4).

We call this initiative “Project Gold Rush” as a hat tip to the Golden State’s history of exploration and discovery.

Below is a compilation of the map and map features created:

The data set…

  • covers 19,500 lane miles,
  • extends from the Oregon/California state line to San Diego,
  • and includes all major highways and interstates.

In the in-car camera view, you can see a perfectly overlaid semantic map with road boundaries highlighted in yellow, lane lines highlighted in green, centerlines highlighted in turquoise with green arrows, road signs bounded in green boxes, and poles highlighted in red.

Below to the left is a map showing semantic features only, and below to the right shows a top-down view of our 3D voxel map fused with a semantic map layer which shows a detailed view of the road surface of a complex highway interchange.

The two images below once again show a detailed 3D voxel map fused with a semantic map layer.

To learn more, contact us at with subject line PGR.

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