FABULOS project: In three years from the idea to autonomous driving in urban area

By | April 21, 2021

The 3-year long FABULOS was a Horizon 2020 funded, Europe-wide project. The purpose of FABULOS was to seek new solutions and technologies for cities, to prepare them for future mobility solutions. It was a collaboration between companies and public entities such as the city of Helsinki. But for Sensible 4, it meant a lot more.

The earlier EU project SOHJOA helped in forming a basis for the new autonomous driving software company. The FABULOS project gave Sensible 4 a guiding light to develop the last-mile autonomous transit solution.

“FABULOS project was a successful accelerator for us and the emerging European autonomous driving industry”, says Harri Santamala, the CEO of Sensible 4.

Three project phases culminated in successful pilots

The project had three phases planned for a period of three years: Solution design, prototype development, and field testing.

The project started mostly with documentation planning, but in the second phase the vehicles started to roll in. The autonomous shuttle bus GACHA was announced in 2019 while the FABULOS project was running.

An important part of the second phase was the laboratory testing of the vehicles. This is why an autonomous driving computer with a full sensor stack and wiring was taken into the EMC chambers, once used by Nokia. GACHA vehicle was driven into the cold chamber equipped with a dynamometer to test the performance of the vehicle’s drivetrain in really cold conditions.

“Although our technology works just fine on nice summer days, we need to test the vehicles also for harsh arctic conditions”, Santamala continues.

The highlight of the project was the third and final phase, two pilots on the public roads, one in Helsinki and another Gjesdal Norway. It was clear for Sensible 4 to utilize the new GACHA shuttle bus within this phase. Also, a Dongfeng CM7, Renault Twizy, and a couple of Toyota Proaces got an autonomous retrofit in Sensible 4’s workshop and drove their parts in FABULOS pilots.

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