Argo’s Safety Report

By | April 20, 2021

Argo is an especially communicative AV company. CEO Brian Salesky hosts the No Parking podcast with journalist-turned-Argo-executive Alex Roy. They also publish Ground Truth, a high-quality online magazine that dives into the details of autonomy.

Particularly to Argo’s credit, they pair this communication with an absence of hype.

Argo’s recently-released Safety Report is of a piece with this communication style. The report clocks in at 55 pages and 22,000 (!) words. Argo’s view is that if you want to understand whether their vehicles are safe, you have to understand the entire company. “Safety isn’t a dial or a switch — it is the foundation on which our company is built.”

The report covers the entirety of how the company organizes and operates. If you want to understand the systems, structures, and processes that govern autonomous vehicle companies, this is the most thorough public guide I’ve seen.

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