HAAS Alert and Zenuity collaborate to enhance real-time ADAS

By | December 21, 2018

HAAS Alert, a Chicago-based startup building the real-time roadway hazard streaming data service, and Zenuity, a Sweden-based ADAS and automated driving (AD) software company, announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership to enhance their respective automotive product offerings.

The HAAS Alert Safety Cloud sends alerts to connected cars, mobile apps, and autonomous vehicles when they are in close proximity to responding emergency vehicles and other fleet vehicles impacting mobility on the roadways. By receiving this information in advance, drivers and vehicles can make safer and smarter driving decisions. The partnership with Zenuity allows HAAS Alert to leverage Zenuity’s expertise, technology, and business relationships in the automotive industry to accelerate adoption of the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud.

“As connectivity into vehicles has become standard over the last few years, the value of real-time data to enhance driver and vehicle safety has grown exponentially,” said Jeremy Agulnek, Vice President of Connected Car at HAAS Alert. “This partnership with Zenuity will enable automotive OEMs and suppliers to bring greater safety to their vehicles.”

Zenuity builds modular ADAS and AD systems that can be scaled from vehicles that need a cost-efficient NCAP solution to vehicles that need the latest and greatest autonomous driving features. The combination of scalability and completeness allows for fast application cross vehicle variants and vehicle lines, as reuse of software modules minimizes verification and validation efforts. Knowing the complexity of vehicle programs, Zenuity’s robust end-to-end solutions are key to bringing ADAS and AD to the market quickly.

“With HAAS Alert’s real-time alerts, Zenuity will elevate its ADAS and AD software offered to automotive manufacturers worldwide,” said Christoph Schmickler, Vice President of Sales and Business development at Zenuity. “We are looking forward to growing our partnership with HAAS Alert in North America and follow them on their journey as they expand globally.”

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