By | October 5, 2018

The present invention relates to an autonomous driving control development kit for designing an autonomous driving vehicle. The development kit for controlling the driving of an autonomous driving vehicle comprises: a display unit for displaying a pre-stored front image of a driving vehicle or simulated front image of a vehicle; a camera unit for capturing an image of a screen displayed through the display unit; a CAN communication unit for transmitting the captured image to a user terminal via a USB port by means of the CAN communication; and a control board for detecting a vehicle lane from the captured image, and for transmitting the same to the user terminal, wherein the user terminal is configured to generate a driving control signal using the detected vehicle lane information and the front image, and to display a front image of a vehicle that is simulated using the driving control signal through the display unit. According to the present invention, a development kit that can be used for developing an autonomous driving control technique using a hardware interface is provided, thereby being capable of providing an autonomous driving control development environment with improved reality that is as similar as possible to an actual vehicle environment. In addition, according to the present invention, autonomous driving control development devices are efficiently packaged and provided compactly thereby optimising space usage, making them convenient to move around, and locational and spatial restrictions of a development environment can be minimized.

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